Room & Bedding available?


Hello my fellow Rangers clan members,
Happy New year and welcome to what well be another successful year!!!
It will not be long before the season it upon us and all teams back in full flight.
The senior squad has been training since the start of December with a massive influx of new faces, which is great to see. As part of every year we try to have a few over oversea’s players to help bluster the squad and pass on there experiences from playing abroad to our youth and juniors.
Do do this we need your help, we are looking for a room available to use for 4-6 weeks, that way it gives the player time to integrate to Geelong and find their feet. We currently have a another player who has a room but we do require anyone who as a bed that they can loan for a short time.
If you have any of these or know someone who can help please contact the club or Hayden Van Der Chys 0430 046 924

We appreciate all your support and look forward to 2017 !!! Go Rangers